Timothy R. Baldwin

Review – The Girl Who Wasn’t There

If you love a fast-paced crime thriller, then this book is for you.

This story has so many twists and turns, that you’ll be left guessing right alongside the protagonist, Sidney O’Keefe. Though he’s a criminal, you’ll be rooting for him and for his family, wondering exactly who it is that is behind the sudden tragedy of his daughter’s abduction. Is it his former employer, Mickey Rabuffo, or someone else? Does it matter?

While aspects of story will remind readers of such films as The Fugitive and Taken, I can assure you that this story is wholly unique. Set in Lake Placid, NY, this story is anything but peaceful, for the main characters or for the reader, but it is certainly quite a ride when it comes to story telling.

Author Vincent Zandri’s pose is descriptive and detailed, emerging the reader into a world of crime and family life drama. Plus, the choice of first person present tense helps with the feeling of full emergence brought to you by the mind of Vincent Zandri.

I had the privilege of enjoying this story through a complimentary audio copy of the book. I am glad to bring you this honest review.

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