I looked up at him  With my best stern look, sassy look, a look that told him I was serious. Standing jaunty like with arms on hips, feet wide apart, head slightly cocked,  and wide eyes.  Tight lips with a downward curve. Just like my momma shows me every time I get in trouble.  Which

Ashley Fontainne once again thrills and inspires her audience in another installment of the Legion Series. Mayhem completes the character arcs of Tyler Drexell (now Tidwell) and his former girlfriend, Miranda Wilson, and her mother, Margaret Wilson. Fifteen years ago,

Reviewed by Timothy R. Baldwin for Readers’ Favorite Madness (Legion Novella Book 2) by Ashley Fontainne is another compelling story, tracking the psychological and spiritual conditions of a soul ripe for demonic harvest. This story picks up ten years after book

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