Timothy R. Baldwin


Family, friends, and faith are at stake when the Wasson family must deal with their biggest struggle: opioid addiction. When a freak accident changes Emmitt Wasson’s life, he begins to abuse his medication, which leads to consequences for his family.

As Emmitt struggles to regain control, his daughter, Lindsay, battles with family and drug issues of her own. She wants to live her life, but Emmitt won’t let her.

Over a timeline of twenty-four years, Emmitt can’t help but wonder how he and his family have drifted so far apart. To recover the relationship, Emmitt must overcome his failings as a father and sacrifice himself to save Lindsay. But will his efforts be enough to change the course of her life and place her on a path to permanent recovery?

Prologue (ARC Version)

It is late fall and the chill of winter has already set in. Emmitt feels a chill within his soul as he listens to the sounds around him. Metal doors clang in a distant corridor. The buzz of an opening door echoes off the concrete walls.

“Prisoner entering!” a guard shouts.

Emmitt sits and stares at the plexiglass window, serving as a barrier between himself and another world. He never imagined he’d live here. He shifts uncomfortably in his seat, a hard, faded blue plastic chair, and wonders about those people, who will sit in his spot next.

Lindsay Jane, his daughter, enters. Her blonde hair appears disheveled, but she looks better than the last time he saw her. Her blue eyes, once veiny, are clear. Still, she looks much older than a twenty-two-year-old should. He wants to embrace her and heal her unseen wounds – years of neglect on his part and years of addiction on her part. Many times, he tried but he failed to keep her from the same path he walked.

Sighing heavily, she sits. They smile weakly at each other and pick up their receivers.

“Hey, daddy,” Lindsay says.

“Hey, princess,” he whimpers as he chokes back tears.

They share a moment of silence. As with such moments, they are both thinking the same thing: How the hell did we get to this point?

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