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The Tooths by Srividhya Lakshmanan (review)

The Tooths is a creative romp with wordplay and storytelling. A younger audience listening to this story read out loud will be engrossed in a magical world of colors, changing season, witches, trolls, and talking animals.

Author Srividhya Lakshmanan’s tale is quick and plot-driven. Though a little lax on description and character development, Lakshmanan has a fun little twist on the message as the children discover the cure for the ogre blight. Coupled with simple and creative illustrations by Akansha Krishnan, I can imagine pausing in the story as I read it to one of my younger nieces.

My criticism comes with the transition between the opening and the rest of the story. The beginning reads almost like a myth on colors and the changing of seasons. When the blight comes, The Tooths, a family of trolls, are suddenly affected. Soon, the children will be too if they don’t find the cure. Hence, they set off on a lovely journey to a place called “Nowhere.” Once there, the story seems to have forgotten about the set-up with witches and colors.

Nonetheless, I rate this four out of five stars. The sing-song, poetic nature of Lakshmanan’s prose held my attention throughout the story. A younger audience would love listening to this story! 


As of the time of writing this blog, the book was free on Kindle.

I get no financial kickbacks through this recommendation, rather I do this for the love of reading and to support another independent author.

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