Timothy R. Baldwin

Review: The Case of the Dead Man’s Treasure

Jeffrey Jones, boy genius and private detective, is joined once again by his mystery-solving team, Pablo, Marissa, and Susie. This action-packed adventure begins the moment Jeffrey and Pablo are hired to track down the owner of a vehicle involved in a hit and run. Hours after his team spreads the word, Jeffrey receives a tip, which leads him and his friends into unexpected danger. The friends are soon kidnapped and held hostage. It is up to Jeffrey to figure out the answer to a riddle about a lost treasure or figure out a way to escape with every member of his team intact. Soon, the adventure is one in which Jeffrey Jones will be tested personally and interpersonally. A potential love interest disrupts the harmony of the very team of amateur sleuths he is also learning to lead. Indeed, this is a complication for Jeffrey as it serves to distract him and his team from their greater goal.

This story is one that easily rests on the same shelf with the likes of Franklin W. Dixon’s The Hardy Boys Series, or Carolyn Keene’s Nancy Drew Series. Mike Maine’s plot contains subtle clues that allow the reader to attempt to unravel the mystery right alongside Jeffrey Jones and his friends. Middle-grade readers will thoroughly enjoy adventuring alongside Jeffrey, Pablo, Marisol, and Susie. Readers will unravel the mystery of this long-lost treasure while they try to stay several steps ahead of a dangerous criminal. They will, as does Jeffrey, learn valuable lessons related to honesty and loyalty.

Reviewed by Timothy R Baldwin for Readers’ Favorite.Interested? Take a look at the many buying options for this book.

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