Timothy R. Baldwin

Review: Project Dandelion: Resistance

Heather Carson brings us the final installment of the Project Dandelion series. The characters are raw survivalists for whom I found myself rooting from Book 1 to the end of Book 3.

The series follows the story of Katrina and her friends, from the time she wakes up in a sealed bunker, to the time she, with her friends reenter a world changed by disaster, to finally the time she is resolved to save, not only herself, but the friends who have become her family.

Throughout this series, Katrina’s own will to survive is tested as loyalties are formed. I believe Carson’s series belongs aside many of the great post apocalyptic ya books written. However, this story is so much more than some of the ones that may come to mind. Indeed, the characters feel much more believable and their survivalist tactics much more realistic than ”those other books”.

I can’t wait to see what Heather Carson has in store for us next! 

From Book 1:

-Sent to a fallout shelter to survive a nuclear catastrophe, a group of teenagers are the last hope for humanity. Can they survive living with one another first?

Katrina knew this day would come. She had been preparing for it all her life. The end of the world was here, and it looked nothing like she had imagined.

Now she was trapped in an underground fallout shelter with a group of teenagers who had been selected as the last hope for humanity. The idea of surviving the nuclear apocalypse alone blurs as she makes friends, and finds love, while buried beneath the earth.

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