Timothy R. Baldwin

Review of H. Max Hiller’s Can’t Stop the Funk

In a post-hurricane Katrina New Orleans, H. Max Hiller brings us another installment of A Cadilac Holland Mysteries. When Detective Holland (aka Cooter) is presented with another case that appears on the surface to be perfectly legal. If something stinks in New Orleans, Detective Holland will most certainly keep digging, leaving no rock unturned. Teaming up with his corporate lawyer sister, Tulip, and his state’s attorney girlfriend, Katie, they will persevere in clearing the name of a good man, exposing a local politician, and getting to the heart of exploitative housing practices.  

Hiller’s Cadillac Holland Mysteries are well paced, offering the reader scenes that are dialogue-driven with well-calculated decisions on the part of the protagonist-narrator on every turn. Sometimes, the reader doesn’t know why he made the choice he did. But the reader can most certainly trust Detective Holland’s instincts and Hiller’s story-telling techniques. Read as Hiller sets the premise of the story, introduces all the major characters, then see how Detective Holland, with meticulous calculation and gut instinct, uncover the truth. 

I highly recommend this story to the armchair sleuth looking to work alongside Holland in his masterful display of good, old-fashioned detective work. As an added bonus, the reader will enjoy many of the sights of New Cuisine and locations in this fun little read.

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