Second Sojourn

A delightful anthology of short fiction. Stories range from fantasy to horror, to comedy, and drama. Titles include: “Stalkings,” by Charles K. Godfrey and T.L. Emery; “The Ride” and “The Lady on the Beach,” by T.L. Emery; “The Witness” and “Simple Worlds,” by Amy Bock; “Unbuttoned” and “The Taxi Driver,” by Timothy R. Baldwin; “Kept Secrets” by Diane S. Foster; “The Cellar” and “The Letter,” by Charles K. Godfrey; “Tom Hanks (Not That Tom Hanks),” by Keith J. Hoskins; “An Average John,” by Lisa Janele; and “Donald Q. Haute, Gentleman Inquisitator, and the Quest of the Last Unicorn,” by David A. Hewitt.

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