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November 2019 Reads

Right now, a lot of my writer friends are participating in the NaNoWriMo. I would, but the idea of setting aside time to write everyday stresses me out. Instead, I’m content knowing that I’ve managed to produce fifteen hundreds words within the span of a week. That’s satisfying. So is producing five hundred words in a week. I’m okay with that, too. In either case, I’m further along in the manuscript than I was the previous week.

So, what do I do in my spare time? You know, when I’m not teaching, commuting three hours round trip each weekday, or writing. For starters, I do like to get out of my little cave and experience that which inspires our writing: life. But, I also enjoy reading. So much, that I’ve not quite found a balance between writing and reading. I don’t think I need to either. Good writers often are those who spend a great deal of time reading.

My Current Read

Regen, by Cassie Gruetman, is a contemporary young adult fantasy that follows the story of Trisha. She’s a troubled teenage girl who was placed by her mother in the foster care system when she was eight years old. She’s faea, but she’s grown up as a normal human girl with the knowledge of her magical abilities but limited training. Then, one day her world changes and she’s suddenly faced the the choice to help the faea council and gain her freedom to stay with her foster family, or refuse and be forced to help them anyway. I won’t say any more on this, but I will direct you to the Goodreads Page for Regen.

My October Reads

If you’re looking for your next good mystery or thriller, I read four last month. Each one I enjoyed the time invested in the read and have linked them into my Goodreads reviews. I think you’ll likely enjoy the stories as well if you are into fast-paced mystery-thrillers.

Alice in Virtuality, by Normal Turrell

The Enemy Within: A Dystopian Thriller, by Graham Watkins

The Case of the Dead Man’s Treasure, by Mike Mains

Resident Spy, by D. L. Richardson

My Own Books

Of course, I would be remise if I didn’t ask you to consider picking up a print, or ebook copy of one of my books.

Camp Lenape, A Kahale and Claude Mystery Series, Book 1

Follow the story of Marcus Kahale and Alissa Claude as they, in their search for Marcus’ little sister, uncover a dangerous and dark secret at Camp Lenape.


This timely story follows a desperate father and a troubled teenage daughter as they battle an addiction that is threatening to tear them apart.

Second SojournLastly, Second Sojourn is the second anthology put out by Blue Stone Media as a part of the Bel Air (Maryland) Creative Writing Society. I am honored to have contributed two short pieces to this collection of horror, comedy and fantasy.

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