Timothy R. Baldwin

Nomad by Aaron Gallagher (review)

This story follows Joshua (aka Nomad), a patched biker in search of a home. He lives for the club; he lives for the code. That’s his life, and when he’s found a home, he’s there for life.

But he comes with a secret he’s unwilling to share with the new chapter. Even after being tested and vetted, he still won’t share. It is this driving point of Nomad’s character that hooked me into the story until what Nomad knew, I finally began to piece together.

Anyone who is a fan of a gritty story with gritty characters will enjoy this read. It’s a mystery, for sure, but not the detective kind. Rather, it’s one driven by a strong character in search of truth and motivated by his loyalty and love for his club and his family.

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